2017 RMATA Candidates for District Director RUN-OFF

David Gallegos, MA, ATC, Cert. MDT, PPS-CA

Please allow this letter to act as my formal offer to volunteer as RMATA / District 7 Director.  I am excited to help lead and be a voice of the RMATA states to the NATA.  A main reason for accepting the nomination is to continue my initiative and foster the collaborative relationship between the members of our district and now hopefully the members of the NATA.

When I was elected as Secretary, I reached out to many Hall of Fame members, previous Board officials and colleagues and asked what they felt was unique about our association, what they felt a good secretary does and where they felt we needed to go as an association.  I have put much attention on addressing the strengths and areas of needed development that were identified.  The biggest challenge I came across was a communication disconnect between members in the varying levels of association tenure and the need to bridge the gap through common understanding.  It has been a pleasure and continues to be so to help highlight the common threads of passion for the profession and the fact that we are the best profession in the world suited for onsite athletic healthcare.  The secretary role is mainly that of an organizer, connector and communicator.  I have made every effort to use the role to help communicate our common beliefs and address the concerns member by member.  As I stated in my initial secretary platform and again when I was re-elected, I see my main benefit to the association is the ability to relate with the young professionals as well as our most tenured members.  I truly enjoy learning from each member and gaining a new perspective from which I communicate.

As I consider the role of the District Director and the goals I have for the association and the profession, my focus does not change much.  I have done the same background research and reached out to many to make sure I understood the role of the District Director within the RMATA and the NATA.  I find the same strengths but on a larger scale.  I am excited to challenge my communication and organizational skills with leaders from around the country and internationally and I hope to foster the same collaboration we are building among our members to create a similar impact at the national level.  I believe that each position weather on a Board or not, has the ability to lead and bring forth proposals.  As a result, I have goals of empowering the individual athletic trainer regardless of the practice setting and do not see myself representing any setting over another.  I believe my varied experiences in professional sports, the secondary setting, clinical, education and private business give me a broad background on which to evaluate, comment on and discuss national initiatives brought forth at the national level.  I am confident I will be able to effectively communicate such information between the District and the NATA.  I do not see the major needs of the profession to be setting based.  I see our need and growth potential in our ability to utilize our education to collaborate with other health care professions, improve our position in the greater healthcare system and empower the individual athletic trainer to have more control over valuable resources (time, money and job security, etc.).

I hope I have made my efforts clear and that you understand my basic philosophy as a professional and a volunteer leader is to aim to be the best in the world at what we do, understand our role in the greater society we participate in and to develop our association communication skills to provide the needed solvent for difficult situations and communication of successes.  These were words of wisdom from a college professor 25 years ago that I still hold valuable today.  I look forward to applying them at the national level.

If I can answer further questions on my stance or if you would like to comment, I am easy to reach. 

David Gallegos, MA, ATC, Cert. MDT, PPS-CA


Lisa Walker, ATC, LAT

I graduated from BYU in 1993 and began my career at Springville High School in Springville, Utah.  I worked simultaneously at a local PT Clinic and Springville High for my first 8 years.  I had a great experience working in the clinic and maintain relationships with this group to this day.  I transitioned to full time at the high school where I teach Sports Medicine and Emergency Response, and serve the athletic community at SHS.  Athletic Training is my passion!  I have served as a preceptor to Athletic Training students from my first day as an AT.  Of all of my personal accomplishments, I may be the most proud, when I see my former High School and College students as my colleagues who share my passion and enthusiasm for our profession. 

I have been in leadership since 1995 when I began as the Secretary – Treasurer for the Utah Athletic Trainers’ Association.  From this moment on I have served in leadership at the different levels in the profession. 

Leadership Experience:

UATA Secretary-Treasurer

UATA President

RMATA President

NATA MDAT Committee D-7 Representative

NATA Strategic Planning Committee to prevent sudden death in secondary school athletes.

NATA SSATC Committee D-7 Representative


RMATA Board of Directors – Utah Representative

RMATA SSATC Committee Chair

NATA AT Value workgroup


Throughout my time as an AT I have tried to reach out to the Athletic Trainers in the many settings and to develop those relationships.  I have been extremely active legislatively. I have enjoyed being asked to mentor and support other AT’s nationwide as we collectively strive to make the profession better for us all. I have served and continue to serve on committees at all levels.  I feel this experience has been beneficial in bringing me to an understanding of what is going on the national scale. This experience has given me an understanding and appreciation for the common struggles that we all face, as well as the setting specific hurdles that are encountered.  I am grateful for a leadership structure that allows me to work in the field while volunteering to serve.  I believe this has made me a better Athletic Trainer and a more compassionate individual in general.

 I am familiar with many of the individuals that serve the other Districts within the NATA as well as with the NATA staff. I have had my finger on the pulse of the profession and I know what is expected of the District 7 director! I fully understand the expectation to speak up on your behalf.  I would like to be the voice of D-7 and bring your thoughts and ideas to the NATA.  I am prepared for the commitment it takes and I ask for your support.



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