2017 RMATA Candidates for District Secretary

Jim Turk MS, ATC

I am humbled and honored to have been nominated as a candidate for the position of Secretary of the RMATA. As I have reflected on my qualifications and my desire as it relates to this position, and the responsibilities it entails, my level of excitement at the prospect of serving our great Association and our noble profession in this role has continued to grow.

As you review the duties of the Association Secretary, found in our Bylaws, you see duties identified that task this role as the one who will “distribute”, “facilitate”, and “maintain” various pieces of information related to the Association. In evaluating those specific individual tasks, you arrive at the heart of the role of Secretary; the task of communication. Not simple communication, but rather effective communication. Superficially, communication could be viewed as a simple transactional exchange of information. Effective communication goes far beyond that exchange. Effective communication does not occur when information is simply sent and/or received. Rather, it occurs when that information is clearly and successfully sent, received, and most importantly understood by both the sender and the receiver.

In addition to being the Association communicator, the Secretary is one of several “votes at the table” in the board room. As such, that person needs to be keenly aware that their individual vote is a vote cast on behalf of the 2000+ members who have empowered that person to cast that vote. As you are aware, our profession is at a crossroads both in terms of the educational process and in terms of the practice of Athletic Training. Change is an exciting and potentially scary process all at the same time. Our Association needs to thoughtfully position itself and, as such, its membership to benefit from the changes taking place in our profession. That is no small task when you consider the diverse makeup of our membership and the even more diverse perspectives on those changes. As such, if there is effective communication between the membership and their board of directors, the Association can have a fighting chance at accomplishing that task.
I have been an Athletic Trainer for 17 years, a member of this Association for the last 12 of those years, and an AT educator for the last 11 of those years. I currently serve as the Program Director of the Professional AT program at the University of Northern Colorado. In reflecting back on my career thus far, I have found that my experiences as both a practicing Athletic Trainer and as an educator have positioned me in such a way as to have a strong sense of understanding of the intersecting needs and concerns of both of those aspects of our profession. I have a sound understanding and appreciation for the history of our profession and this great Association, having been mentored by some, and having engaged with many of the pillars of our profession in personal and professional dialogues. I am also in tune with the hopes and aspirations of our young professionals and students as I spend a large portion of my day with them. Through those experiences, I can see issues from both perspectives and can then help the Association make informed decisions that will meet the whole Association’s needs and not simply those of a single subset of the Association.

I have had the opportunity to Chair the RMATA Annual Clinical Symposium Programming Subcommittee for the past six years, and in doing so, have been a part of planning, developing and delivering six (in my humble opinion) high quality symposia. In doing so, I have been afforded a chance to see the inner workings of the Association and the board room. I am excited for the opportunity to play a larger role in the discussions and to help continue to advance the Association along its current trajectory. I am excited to have yet another opportunity to play my part in giving back to the profession that I truly love!

Thank you for your consideration.
Jim Turk, MS, ATC

Josh Johnson MS, ATC

My name is Joshua Johnson and it is with pleasure that I have accepted the nomination as a candidate for Rocky Mountain Athletic Trainers Association Secretary. I have been a Certified Athletic Trainer since June of 2010. I have spent my entire career in District 7, starting as an undergraduate at Southern Utah University and completing my Master’s Degree at Utah State University in 2012. I currently hold the position of Assistant Director of Sports Medicine at Norther Arizona University.

The rich history of Athletic Training in District 7 and the influential mentorship of individuals within the association has fostered my passion for this profession and the people that provide the exceptional healthcare to the athletes we serve. I genuinely believe in the people that have shaped this profession and feel strongly that the future of this profession will be influenced greatly by the Young Professionals that we provide guidance and mentorship to. This guidance and mentorship is a vital part to the continued progression of the profession and I see this opportunity as a tremendous way to impact the membership of the RMATA.

My general philosophy may be overly simplistic, but I believe it is powerful. My goal with every individual that I work with is to treat them in the same manner that I would like to be treated. I feel it is my responsibility as a healthcare professional to treat the individual from a global perspective with the utmost care and conviction. I believe this to be true whether I am treating an Athlete or developing relationships along my journey in the athletic training profession.

I am comfortable admitting that when I started as an assistant at Northern Arizona University I did not have the skills required to successfully serve in the capacity that I have been nominated. I feel the experience gained as the Assistant Director has developed a strong foundation in which to serve the membership of the RMATA. My ability to see things from a global perspective would greatly benefit our profession and district.

The general responsibilities of secretary are organizing board meetings, maintaining records of membership, and communication. Communication is vital to helping advance the profession and maintain an active membership. I believe I have the ability to perform all that is required of this position.

I gladly accept the nomination for the position of Secretary and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve the membership of the Rocky Mountain Athletic Trainers Association to the best of my ability.

Joshua Johnson

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